Blockchain software enables us to do something radically different to solve some of the many challenges enterprises face today related to security, identity, trust, and interoperability.

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Solving Data Security with Blockchain

At its core, blockchain represents a significant advancement in data management. It changes the paradigm from centralized data stores with trusted transactions that modify data to a decentralized powerful model that works in a trustless environment.

The major constraint of relational databases is that they are centralized, in that management of the data is placed in the hands of just a single or a few entities who must bear responsibility for its integrity and security. Because Blockchain technology is decentralized, it can withstand the emergence of bad actors without the security of the network being compromised, i.e., it has fault tolerance.

Improving Efficiency and Reducing Costs with Blockchain

A smart contract is an agreement written in code that pre-defines how a specific transaction plays out. When conditions are met, the agreement executes, and the blockchain updates in real-time.

Systems and solutions that have multiple human input steps can see significant reductions in time and costs due to the self-executing, self-enforcing nature of smart contracts. Smart contracts could fundamentally transform the way many industries operate, enabling greater autonomy.

Asset Tracking and Record of Ownership with Blockchain

Another fundamental feature of blockchain technology is its ability to store value – essentially, to create a digital asset. Asset tracking uses the ability of blockchain to create stored value and create an immutable record of ownership for that value.

Pair this feature with another core property of a block: it cannot be altered or counterfeited so it can be used in ownership verification. Once an asset is added to the chain, history of ownership is immutable.

Supply Chain Management with Blockchain

Supply chains are traditionally highly fragmented. Many companies cannot identify precisely how much product they have in any given place at any one moment in time. This results in inefficiencies and wasted product due to spoilage or theft.

Supply chain solutions take advantage of all of the areas of blockchain technology highlighted above in addition to integrating IoT and sensor devices.

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