Get Started with Blockchain

Are you ready to invest in exploring blockchain? These steps are designed to facilitate and accelerate the process among various stakeholders within your organization and produce results in weeks instead of months.

1. Speed Learning Session

Learn the what and why of blockchain in a two hour session for key stakeholders. We customize the session based on your starting point. Topics include distributed ledgers, smart contracts, permission, consensus algorithms, public and private as well as other specific to the application or industry.

2. Exploration Workshops

After everyone understands the basics of blockchain through the learning sessions we will move to the exploration workshops. Here we will explore and collaborate on your blockchain use cases in 2-4 hour moderated sessions. Blockchain use cases aren’t always obvious and the opposite is true as well, many initial ideas aren’t necessarily best solved with blockchain. These workshops truly jump-start and accelerate the process for your blockchain idea generation and use case design.

3. Idea Evaluation

It is critical to separate the brainstorming sessions from the idea evaluation step. Brainstorming required our creative mind, but now we need to switch on our critical mind. Having invested in the time to come up with ideas as a team, we apply a method to decide “what’s next?” Here we will be filtering, expanding ideas, multi-point voting, and develop the decision matrix.

4. Going Forward Plan

We will then organize and providing recommendations for the ideas that would value from blockchain technology. The next steps can also outline our suggestions for toolsets and technologies that can be used. Moving forward may include a business pivot to a blockchain solution, whether as a new product, add-on to an existing product, or as a means of improving operational efficiency.

Let us help you get started